3 #GirlBoss TED Talks!

These TED talks have changed my life, for the better.

Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I’ll never forget when I first saw this video. I was sitting in my interpersonal communication class, and I was starting my journey in college. I had a fresh mind, and I was so eager to learn the ways and secrets to living a successful life. Most of the time I didn’t know where to start, even being in college didn’t seem like it was teaching me anything about “life” at the time (i’m so glad this quickly changed, college actually taught me a lot!) I remember really tuning into what this guy was saying, and I was really starting to piece things in my mind effortlessly. I had learned something great about leadership and understanding the importance of following a passion.

Cameron Russell – Looks Aren’t Everything


A model telling me looks aren’t everything? “Yea, right.” That was probably my initial reaction after coming across this video on someone’s Facebook feed. I’m so glad I watched this, because looks truly aren’t everything. Cameron taught me a lot about image and perception, and it significantly changed how I think about first impressions. How differently can you see someone just by tweaking a few things about them? Very differently, actually.  This was a great “food for thought” video that challenges societal norms (and proves why they’re sometimes very dumb).

Sheryl Sandberg – Why Have Too Few Women Leaders


Another great video about leadership! This talk was much more focused on women in leadership, though. Sandberg, who is the COO of Facebook, speaks graciously and powerfully to women about how to climb up to the “c-suite” (slang for someone who is a top senior executive). What’s great about her talk is that much of the information can apply to life outside of the offie as well. This video really inspired me to achieve great things in my professional life and also the importance of believing in yourself. You’ll find that it is very difficult to achieve major goals without believing that you can accomplish them to begin with. I plan to buy her book “Lean In” soon, all because of this video! I can’t wait to learn more from Sandberg, and I can only hope that others find her talk just as useful and inspiring as I did.

Note: Though this talk is targeted towards “women”, I honestly think that there is some information in this talk that can apply to anyone, really! Take it or leave it, but always find the good in everything right?

Ana Cecilia

Ana Cecilia is a beauty and lifestyle writer and editor. A Bay Area native, recent college grad, and a serial wanderluster! When she isn't writing, you can find her curled up with a good book, sipping on a cup of tea, crafting, running like crazy, or planning her next trip.

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