Inside My “on-the-go” Makeup Kit!

An inside look at what I keep inside of my on-the-go makeup kit!

Depending on the occasion, what goes inside of my makeup bag tends to change. Currently, my makeup bag is very multi-purpose and for everyday use. I usually toss this inside of my gym bag, or my weekend bag if i’m going out of town. I try not to carry all of my “luxury” items with me just incase I lose it on the go, that would be very painful! Therefore, my makeup bag is usually a diverse collection of drugstore and higher end brands. Here’s what is currently inside of my on-the-go makeup kit!

L’Oreal FUTURE-e Day Lotion SPF 15

I’ve been using this day lotion for years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! I’ve tried other great day lotions, but my skin has loved this one the most. I love that this moisturizer is not extremely greasy, and that it has an SPF in it. Protecting my skin from the sun is important in preventing pre-mature skin aging (wrinkles, lines) so the SPF is a huge benefit in my book. I also love the scent of this product! It smells so clean and delicate. It also wears well under my makeup, providing a smooth and moisturized base for a better foundation application.

Maybelline FIT ME!  Dewy + Smooth Foundation 

This foundation is probably one of the best drugstore foundations that I have ever used! This foundation definitely reminds me of the NARS sheer glow foundation, except the formula is a bit thinner and the coverage varies (it also costs much less!) I love that this foundation leaves a dewy finish, which makes my skin look more youthful and glowy. Who doesn’t want that? Though I love this foundation from the bottom of my heart, it’s definitely not good for long wear (on me). My skin is already somewhat oily, so wearing this for more than 5 hours causes my skin to look really shiny! But that’s why I always keep my…

Kleenex Pockets

This is just a travel sized pack of kleenex. I use after applying foundation, dabbing all over to absorb excess oils before setting it with a powder. I also use kleenex throughout the day to remove excess oils, removing unwanted shine especially in my forehead and nose area. This is a great product to carry, being that it’s really cheap, useful and compact.

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Palette, Sunlight Serenade

This product is my absolute favorite beauty product at the moment! This lip and cheek palette offers 5 different creme blushes that leave your cheeks looking natural and romantic with sheer moisturizing color! It also doubles as a creme lipstick palette, which leave a nice sheen and great amount of color on the lips. The products are very build able, so this palette offers extreme versatility. Sometimes I like to mix the colors too for a broader range of shades. This product is definitely a must-have!

E.L.F. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

This product is a staple in my kit. I probably have 5 of these laying around! This product great for taming brows or for a quick clean up (if you’re going for the no-makeup look). I like to apply this product on my brows after filling them in with a pencil for a more tamed look. The brush also allows me to distribute the product evenly, which can leave a natural feathery look (which is totally in right now!) I hardly use the lash part, but I use it sometimes when I want to skip mascara. Using it on the brows happens sometimes, but it acts more of a gel. This product is only $1, people! You cannot afford to not have it around being that it is so useful and cheap.

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

This product is my holy grail of pressed finishing powders. Unlike a foundation and other finishing powders, it is very natural and sheer. The formula is designed specifically to set your liquid/cream foundation, so it does not add texture or cake up when applied correctly. I try not to matte my entire face out, but I definitely use this product under my eyes, on the forehead and on my nose and chin area. I try to leave my cheeks looking dewy so I do not use this product over my cream blush! This product is also great to matte shiny skin out, just by dusting a bit of powder on oily areas such as the forehead. I have this in two shades, because my skin tans and lightens easily! This product is great for setting your makeup, mostly for it’s sheerness and non-texturizing formula.

MAC Cosmetics Studio Concealer 

This is probably one of the best cream concealers that I have ever used, period. I love that it is compact, and in a cream formula! A little goes a long way, and it is also a great product to use in other areas of the face other than under the eyes. Since the formula is in a cream form, it is perfect for spot concealing and blending out without it spreading out thinly. I believe this product also offers an SPF, so it protects against the sun’s harmful damages which is very important especially in preventing wrinkles and premature aging! I have many favorite concealers, but this one is my favorite for when i’m on the go.

E.L.F. Total Face Brush

This brush is my favorite drugstore powder brush! It is super soft, and fluffy which makes it perfect for setting makeup with a powder! I love that this brush is also affordable (it’s $2!), so I can replace it more often and have a few back-ups on hand without breaking the bank. There are definitely softer and fluffier brushes out there, but this one ain’t so bad for the price it sells at.

CoverGirl Professional Mascara

For my everyday look I want to look natural, making this mascara one of my favorites because it offers a natural and feathery appearance. It lengthens, defines, and adds subtle thickness without clumping! All I need is a coat or two for a perfect set of lashes that actually looks real. I love that this product is affordable, and comes in a curved brush. I own this product in “very black” and “black brown”. I normally use the “black brown” for an even more natural effect but the “very black” works nicely for date night and extra drama.

MAC Cosmetics  Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

This is my favorite tinted brow product, of all time! It is not like most “tinted” brow gels. In fact it doesn’t have a watery gel like texture at all! Its more like a cream-gel, that perfectly sets brows and adds subtle color, leaving the brows thicker in appearance. This doesn’t shape brows, but since my brows are already nicely shaped this product works extremely well for me. I like that this product holds hairs in place all day, and that the mini-brush deposits color precisely. The brush being so tiny, can comb and style the brows perfectly. This product is really great for my medium-to-thick brows, for a clean, natural and full appearance.

So, there you have it! This is currently what is working for my “natural” everyday look when i’m on the go. What products in my bag have you used? What do you carry in your to-go makeup bag? Please comment below and share this if you thought it was helpful!


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