Motivation Monday: Passion Planner

I have always been a neat freak, and that includes having a neatly scheduled week, every week! In the past year i’ve come across a planner that has really worked well for me and has been a lifesaver in my professional and personal life.

I have wildly followed @emanmakeup on YouTube and Instagram because she has some of the best makeup tutorials, and she’s a pretty awesome #girlboss! As I was casually browsing through her Instagram feed, I saw that she tagged @passionplanner in a shot that featured an all black planner. She raved about this seemingly plain planner  though I thought “anything that this girl uses to get organized, I will certainly look into”.

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Photo Credit: @emanmakeup

I followed the tag and I stumbled upon a page full of beautiful shots of people and how they used their Passion Planner. I’m a sucker for clean lifestyle photography so I was drawn in. I kept on coming across users who swear on their life that this little planner has helped them become extremely organized, and motivated to reach their goals. This planner was really starting to pique my interest. I followed the link to the website and I discovered the true beauty of the Passion Planner, it’s creator started the Passion Planner as a kickstarter. This is a product that people truly wanted to own, and funded it into existence. The product was also available to be downloaded for free in a PDF format, thanks to the generosity of creator Angelia Trinidad.

I really enjoyed the story behind the Passion Planner so I purchased one of my own. There are no special bells or whistles, but what really sets this planner apart from the usual is that it challenges you to do something positive or beneficial for your work or personal life each week. It also has a monthly reflection area that you can complete at the end of each month which has helped me become more mindful of how I spent the past few weeks. This planner is really focused on helping people map out their passions, and how the even the most tiniest of steps can contribute to the big picture. I like that I can write down my weekly focus, personal and work goals each and every week. It has really kept me organized, neat, and most importantly- motivated. I love the feeling of staying on track with my goals, and the Passion Planner is the perfect weapon in carrying that mission out!

Ana Cecilia

Ana Cecilia is a beauty and lifestyle writer and editor. A Bay Area native, recent college grad, and a serial wanderluster! When she isn't writing, you can find her curled up with a good book, sipping on a cup of tea, crafting, running like crazy, or planning her next trip.

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