Style Must Have: Pointed Toe Flats

I am totally suckered into these comfortable and stylish flats. I probably own more than a dozen pairs of pointed toe flats because they are extremely versatile and a bit edgier than rounded toe flats (which I also love!).

I tend to do a lot of walking on a regular basis. I’m not sure about some of you gals/guys, but I am not going to walk around in heels in day! I’m not going to put my feet under that much suffering, but I also don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort to a certain degree! My preferred alternative to the pointed toe stiletto heel is the pointed toe flat. Sure, I don’t get the extra 2-3 inches but i’m cool with that. I’d much rather be cozy, than look a few inches taller.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.41.34 PM

So, naturally when I stopped by EXPRESS to stock up on some of their sleeveless portofino shirts (it’s getting nice and warm in California, but then again it’s almost always nice and warm!) I couldn’t help to stock up on some pointed toe flats! They pair well with damn near everything. Office wear, capris, chinos, denim, casual, business casual, lazy sunday outfits (denim & a white v-neck + statement jewelry). Pointed toe flats are definitely my year-round essential flats!


Ana Cecilia

Ana Cecilia is a beauty and lifestyle writer and editor. A Bay Area native, recent college grad, and a serial wanderluster! When she isn't writing, you can find her curled up with a good book, sipping on a cup of tea, crafting, running like crazy, or planning her next trip.

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