Tips: Finding A Job After College

Okay, the bad news is that it really isn’t easy. The good news is that it is not impossible to find a job once you have finished college. There are a few things that are in your control that can help your job seeking endeavors a little bit more productive and strategic.

I know the feeling of graduation creeping up, with no job or internship lined up (and you really, really want or need one!). You might have friends or family who were able to find work or something immediately or even a year before graduation. You’ve probably sent out hundreds of resumes and filled out dozens of applications with no return calls. It’s OK! It’s all part of the process. Finding a job or internship is hard, and you should applaud yourself for persevering. Here are some tips that helped me land a job months before graduation!

Talk with your peers.

Your peers could be your greatest resource. Many of them are probably in the same boat as you, and many of them may even have connections that you could use. Talk about your future plans with your peers and encourage one another throughout the process! You never know who might know who, and who knows what!

Be ready, all of the time!

Don’t start practicing for an interview the day before. If you are serious about being hired or finding an internship soon after college, make sure you start acting like it. If you get a call to come in for an interview or for a phone interview, you should have practiced enough to confidently accept the invitation knowing you’ll do great. Practice your interviewing skills with family, friends, peers, and yourself even! Film yourself speaking, and answering questions so you get an idea of your overall presentation. Yea, its a little uncomfortable watching yourself be nervous but trust me, it points out to many opportunities for improvement.

Social Media 

Is your social media content harming your chances of being employed? It is not illegal for employers to check your social media accounts (if they are public) before considering you as a prospect. Don’t post anything on your social media accounts that could harm your reputation. If your resume looks great but you post risky content that an employer would probably question on your social media accounts, don’t expect employers to call you back.


There are troves of recruiters on linked in who are scouting for fresh new talent. Make sure you have a clean and informative LinkedIn page for employers and recruiters to view. They might like what they see and send you some information about a job opening at their company. A professional business headshot will surely catch an eye, as well as a display of your accomplishments, education and work history. Think of it as your interactive resume. It is also a great place to learn about positions in the workforce and area you are interested in. I discovered a whole new aspect and positions within the field I wanted to go into when I browsed “top profiles” in area XYZ.

Set goals and aggressively chase them

Ultimately, aside from having great qualifications and knowing the “right people”, the responsibility is on you to find your golden opportunity. People will not hand you the career of your dreams on a silver platter just because. They want to know that you are hungry for it, and that you will be the best person for the job. Frequently ask yourself “Would I hire myself?” and be honest. Set goals that will help lead you to your next job. It can be something like making 5 new professional connections, attending a networking event, filling out 10 job applications next week, etc. Set your goal, and go for it!


I hope some of these tips helped illuminate new ways to approach your job/internship hunt!


What are some of your best tips for job hunting for fresh college grads?


Ana Cecilia

Ana Cecilia is a beauty and lifestyle writer and editor. A Bay Area native, recent college grad, and a serial wanderluster! When she isn't writing, you can find her curled up with a good book, sipping on a cup of tea, crafting, running like crazy, or planning her next trip.

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