The To Do List Planner: A Daily Planner That Slays.

Get more stuff done.

Happy new year! Starting a new year means new goals and an action plan to make it happen. Luckily I have an amazing planner that will help me do just that. Plus, its super cute and heavy duty.

I am a huge planner fan. I credit many of my achievements to staying organized and actively planning for success. When I was in college, I was able to manage two jobs and 6 courses at a time (that’s around 20 something units) by using a planner! There are only a few planners that can get the job done for me, including the She Plans To Do List Daily Planner.

Here are some of my favorite features:

  1. Size. Size matters! Sometimes, planners are either too small or too large for what I need. This planner comes in a nice size that is similar to the size of an iPad Mini. That means it is purse and backpack friendly. It provides enough writing space and it isn’t too large carry around, or too small that you have to start abbreviating evry frkng wrd. See what I did there?
  2. Cover options. People love options. Why? Everyone is different, and it is important to feel like the items you buy are the best fit for the money you are spending. Hard cover options and soft cover options are available! Sometimes I like soft covers, but for a planner that I know will be used heavily and everyday- I opted for the hardcover option. I love that the corners are also reinforced with metal finishings! This planner is really pretty, and I want to keep it in good shape. Oh, and did I mention that there are several cover designs you can choose from?
  3. Thick, sturdy pages. Sometimes I’d find a great planner that has everything I need but then I find that the pages are thin, and ink bleeds right through! Or, a page tears off as I gently turn it. This has been the case for planners like the Day Designer, and planners by Sugar Paper LA. I love the layouts that these brands develop but the paper sucks! The She Plans To Do List planner offers high quality, cardstock like paper that withstands ink bleed through. That is a huge plus for me because I like to use a variety of inks in my planner. Including Crayola markers!
  4. Daily Planning. At one point, I loved weekly planning. I liked to see my week at a glance, in one spread. As my needs changed, so did my taste for planners. I needed a planner that would allow me to plan each day in detail! This planner allows me to have one entire page for one day. Doodling space included.
  5. Goals, Journaling, and Notes. One of the most attractive features of this planner is that you have journaling space and a note taking areas. Yes, this is also a journal and note taking book! This is perfect for me because I love to reflect, write, and jot down ideas. An area for each month is reserved for goal planning, and writing out your weekly action plan. Planning each day versus each week is so much better for me!

Here’s a few sneak peeks:

Good things don’t come easy, and what I mean by that is this planner may have several drawbacks. Here are the ones that come to mind (with solutions).

  1. Cost. You can expect the To Do List planner to cost a bit more than the average target planner. The price tag on this planner is $48.00 plus shipping and handling. I realize that this is a lot of money to spend on a planner, none the less one that only covers you for 6 months (more on that below). I hesitated to purchase this planner because it’s a lot of money- period. But, when I thought about all of the random purchases I make, the costs really add up over time. Do those fun but useless purchases help me progress towards my goals? Are they a good investment? No, but I bought them anyways. I decided not to be a penny pincher on this product. I realized it was an essential that would be used everyday in the effort to transform my life. When you think of it that way, this is actually modestly priced!
  2. 6 month spread. In order to keep planners on the thinner side the designer split the planner up into two halves. Can you imagine how thick and heavy this planner would be if they had an entire years worth of pages for daily planning? I wouldn’t want to carry it around. You will need to buy two planners if you want this planner to be on your side for 12 months. The planners are divided up and months fall between January – June, and July – December. You might find this to be a good or a bad thing. A good thing in a sense that if it does not tickle your fancy, you can move onto another planner that will be a better suit for you after only 6 months of use. Falling in love with this planner means you’d have to spend money on two planners costing around $100 for both plus shipping. In the larger scheme of things this is a small cost for the benefits of the product. Your purchase would also be supporting an Etsy seller who designs these pages in her home office! I love supporting small businesses, and it made me feel better about spending that much money on my planners. If you are not ready to spend that kind of dough, you can purchase a PDF file of the planner (still split in two) for around $15 on Etsy. You can print the pages out at home and give it a try or have a copy shop bind the pages for you.

Since switching over to this planner, being organized has become effortless and fun. I am glad I came across this product on Etsy and that the designer included options to purchase PDF files of the planners for a much lower cost than the manufactured planners. After a few months of testing the She Plans To Do List Planner, I bit the bullet and bought the manufactured ones. I am so glad that I did! Plus, they look so chic on my desk!

Learn more about this amazing planner by checking out the She Plans website by clicking here, and the Etsy store by clicking here!

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