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Summer is my favorite season of all time! I love the warmer evenings, longer days, and how can I forget to mention beautifully bronzed skin?! With summer weather in California being extremely dry and hot, it can cause your makeup to melt down or crack! I’ve found a few beauty faves that have kept my face looking fresh and bright all summer! Without all of the cracks, dryness, and melting! California babes, this one is for you.

I’ve beenĀ obsessed with natural makeup. I like the idea of enhancing your skin, not covering it with layers upon layers of unnecessary foundation. It’s definitely important to consider that some people may require more or less coverage depending on their preferences and skin but personally I prefer to use minimal amounts of makeup. Monika Blunder, who is a celebrity makeup artist, shows us how to achieve flawless skin with minimally applied makeup. Check out the video!   I cannot express how much I love Monika’s techniques. She has worked with

I’m not completely done with college yet, but I will be in less than 3 months. My accomplishments in the school of life won’t be printed on my diploma, but college has definitely allowed me to gain more than a formal education. Here are some of the most important things i’ve learned about life while in college: Perfection is imperfect Some of my biggest accomplishments were just comebacks from massive failures. You may not know it yet, but your struggle might be the start of a very beautiful story. Embrace

I’ve totally erased the term “dumb blonde” from my vocabulary. It actually takes a lot of knowledge and willpower to maintain blonde hair! Here are all the products I use to maintain my blonde locks.

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